2011. Holy hot dog on a stick.

Nothing about this year has panned out the way that I had anticipated. In fact, if we had been together on December 31st, 2010 and you would have said “Zoe, in nine weeks you’ll be sitting in a house in Utah.”, I would have laughed in your face. Utah? Really?? Are you kidding me? No. freaking. way. You see, Utah and I are not exactly friends. Not at all. Utah is a bubble, and one that I’m not particularly fond of.  Don’t get me wrong… some of the sweetest, most amazing people I’ve ever happened across live here, and (geographically) it truly is a beautiful place.  But as a whole, we’re not compatible. The weather alone is enough to send me running back into the sunny arms of Southern California.

However, events have once again brought me to the land of frigid temperaments and temperatures. And now, as I sit on a couch in a living room in Utah, snow blowing outside the window and a cup of hot blueberry tea on the table in front of me, I can hear my friends in the next room over creating a beautiful musical medley of gypsy-flavored awesome. As for me, I have a few plans for my immediate future, but many things are yet to be determined… and I’m stepping back, getting my fingers out of the pie and letting the pieces fall as they will.


About zoedujour

I'm basically your modern-day gypsy (and I have the Czechoslovakian bloodline to back it up.). Life is meant to be lived & enjoyed. On November 5th, 2011 I married the love of my life, the one and only Mr. Geopherie Clemmons. I sing, dabble in vintage clothing sales, photography, voice over work, teaching, jewelery design and whatever else holds my interest for the moment, including this blog.
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