I’m getting married in 34 days.




And pretty much nothing has been going as planned… I’ve had to change the date and location and bridesmaids’ outfits and groomsmen attire and pretty much EVERYTHING that I set out to do has had to be replaced for an easier (read: more cost and time effective) option.  As of yesterday, I don’t even have a dress anymore.   HOWEVER, it will all be ok. And I’m ok….. as long as I remember that.

Romans 8:28. Ahhh.


As a result of me losing all control over my wedding, and eventually my cool, I’ve been freaking out about some pretty dumb stuff….

For example, today, my loving and AMAZING fiancee made me eggs while I was in the shower. I cried because he “robbed a chick of a chance at life”. Now I am WELL aware that grocery store eggs are unfertilized. I’m aware that there is NO WAY that that egg would have been a chick. Ever.  Egg yolks have always kinda freaked me out, but I just choose not to eat them most of the time and I’m fine. But today? No. I cried. And cried is an understatement. I bawled.

What. the. hell. Who is this emotionally unstable person and what is she doing in my body???

Now a sane normal person would probably realize how ridiculous this truly was and then never speak of it again… but I kinda want to be reminded of the incredibly ridiculous state that I reached today so I don’t EVER reach that point again. So here’s to a new chapter of the Engagement stage of my life with Geoph, and the fact that he quit smoking yesterday. And the fact that I am now 21 years old and we can play shows in bars and other age restricted areas.

To commence this happiness, here’s a sample of our engagement photographs:

Ahh. =) I love him so much. Aside from all of the weird things going on, I’m beyond excited to be married to Geoph. IN 34 DAYS!!! =D


About zoedujour

I'm basically your modern-day gypsy (and I have the Czechoslovakian bloodline to back it up.). Life is meant to be lived & enjoyed. On November 5th, 2011 I married the love of my life, the one and only Mr. Geopherie Clemmons. I sing, dabble in vintage clothing sales, photography, voice over work, teaching, jewelery design and whatever else holds my interest for the moment, including this blog.
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