Valentine’s in review…

I hope you all had a fantastic week filled with inspiration, love and productivity! =)

Geoph and I had a very simple Valentine’s day together. We’re in transition and pulling the belt as tight as it will go, so we had a night in. I LOVE hand-made Valentines, so I made him this:

I can’t make “cutesy” things. All of my toll painting comes out looking dark and demented… imagine Tim Burton characters on speed. =/ So I when I gave this to him with a grin on my face and I proudly proclaimed “I CAN be cute and crafty!” I was slightly taken aback when my husband laughed at me. When I asked him what was so funny, he said “You made me a ransom letter Valentine, baby…”


Well, I tried. Honestly, I kinda like that my “crafts” never look sweet. I make everything with love, truly, I do. But I just can’t do “traditional”.

This next week I’ll get some pictures of my craft night catastrophes on here… I gave my mother-in-law nightmares…. you’ll understand when you see it.

Anyway… Geoph and I finished the night by making this:

(I HIGHLY recommend you try this, too. Chocolate Covered Katie is a Vegan culinary goddess…)

and then we watched “The Red Violin”.

This movie was INCREDIBLE. Great story, beautifully shot… le sigh. There are few movies that I’ll actually say were worth my time… this is most definitely on that list.

Other than that, we’ve just been running around trying to get things in order. The more I dig through all of the junk we’ve accumulated over the years, the more I realize that it’s just that, junk. It bogs us down and holds us hostage. I don’t need all of this excess… essentials, clothing, a bed and the tools that allow me to create are all I really need. People fill storage containers full of things they might want “someday” and forget about them… I can see myself eventually turning into that lady, and honestly, it scares me.I know I’m not exactly normal in this way of thinking. Most people like surrounding themselves with tokens and collectibles… things that make them happy and comfortable… but moving 8 times in a year and a half has brought me to resent these unneeded items. I end up hauling things across town and back only to overlook them and eventually decide that I never even needed them in the first place. I can’t WAIT to sell it all.

So here’s a toast to an early spring cleaning of sorts… & to moving forward. =)


About zoedujour

I'm basically your modern-day gypsy (and I have the Czechoslovakian bloodline to back it up.). Life is meant to be lived & enjoyed. On November 5th, 2011 I married the love of my life, the one and only Mr. Geopherie Clemmons. I sing, dabble in vintage clothing sales, photography, voice over work, teaching, jewelery design and whatever else holds my interest for the moment, including this blog.
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