Valentine’s in review…

I hope you all had a fantastic week filled with inspiration, love and productivity! =)

Geoph and I had a very simple Valentine’s day together. We’re in transition and pulling the belt as tight as it will go, so we had a night in. I LOVE hand-made Valentines, so I made him this:

I can’t make “cutesy” things. All of my toll painting comes out looking dark and demented… imagine Tim Burton characters on speed. =/ So I when I gave this to him with a grin on my face and I proudly proclaimed “I CAN be cute and crafty!” I was slightly taken aback when my husband laughed at me. When I asked him what was so funny, he said “You made me a ransom letter Valentine, baby…”


Well, I tried. Honestly, I kinda like that my “crafts” never look sweet. I make everything with love, truly, I do. But I just can’t do “traditional”.

This next week I’ll get some pictures of my craft night catastrophes on here… I gave my mother-in-law nightmares…. you’ll understand when you see it.

Anyway… Geoph and I finished the night by making this:

(I HIGHLY recommend you try this, too. Chocolate Covered Katie is a Vegan culinary goddess…)

and then we watched “The Red Violin”.

This movie was INCREDIBLE. Great story, beautifully shot… le sigh. There are few movies that I’ll actually say were worth my time… this is most definitely on that list.

Other than that, we’ve just been running around trying to get things in order. The more I dig through all of the junk we’ve accumulated over the years, the more I realize that it’s just that, junk. It bogs us down and holds us hostage. I don’t need all of this excess… essentials, clothing, a bed and the tools that allow me to create are all I really need. People fill storage containers full of things they might want “someday” and forget about them… I can see myself eventually turning into that lady, and honestly, it scares me.I know I’m not exactly normal in this way of thinking. Most people like surrounding themselves with tokens and collectibles… things that make them happy and comfortable… but moving 8 times in a year and a half has brought me to resent these unneeded items. I end up hauling things across town and back only to overlook them and eventually decide that I never even needed them in the first place. I can’t WAIT to sell it all.

So here’s a toast to an early spring cleaning of sorts… & to moving forward. =)

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Why, Whitney

The Queen of R&B, Whitney Houston, was found dead today (the eve of the Grammys) at the age of 48. While I won’t lie and say “I can’t believe it” (let’s be honest, here… we were all expecting it to happen sooner than later), I’m truly heartbroken to know that as long as the world turns, Whitney’s beautiful voice will never sing a fresh note ever again.

Even as a little girl, I LOVED Whitney. She sang my favorite song “When You Believe” (I actually sang it at a talent show in 3rd grade with my best friend, Laura) and was  in the cast of my favorite movie, the Disney remake of “Rodger’s and Hammerstein’s Cinderella”. Her lofty notes and soulful tone inspired me to push my voice in ways that it probably would have never grown without her influence.

Whitney Houston as the Fairy Godmother in "Cinderella"

Over the next weeks as reports and details emerge, I’m sure there will be plenty of puns and comments about her drug abuse and turbulent tabloid-fodder lifestyle. However, I’d like to remember the side of Whitney that encouraged me to follow my dreams and to never stop believing that anything is possible….

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The times are a’changin’

Since my last post, Geoph and I have had to move.The culprit of our uprooting was truly horrifying. Are you ready for this?


Black mold.

BlahSHREiKwahalkjdhrahaa!!!! It was TRULY an icky-tastic-nasty-fest. Mold itself is disgusting, not to mention the crazy toll it takes on your immune system, your respiratory system AND your reproductive system. It’s just all around bad news.

But every cloud truly does have a silver lining, and after quite a lot of serious thought, we’ve decided to relocate to Nashville, TN.

I have home essentials in storage there, as well as quite a bit of vintage goodness. So the plan is to sell (just about) everything here, buy a truck, and move. Geoph has picked up a job as a baker to make some extra dough (heh-eh-eh. 😉 So cheesay!) and I’m uploading everything we own to etsy, ebay, and KSL. If you see anything we own online or at Sock Monkey’n Around and would like it, send me a private message and make me an offer! =) I have prices listed, but I’m willing to work with you.

Here’s the lovely little link to my etsy shop:




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Monkey see….

Good afternoon, ladies and gents! =) This last week, our poor owner CJ has been super sick, so Geoph and I have had the pleasure of working our magic at Sock Monkey’n Around Antiques! We’ve had a blast. If you’re in the area, you should totally come in, say hello and enjoy a free cup of hot cocoa with us. =)

Since Geoph left the service industry, he’s started a new business called “The Bitten Macaroon”. He makes custom hand knit goods. This week, due to popular demand, he released a line of baby sock monkey hats… they’re SO SO SOOOO cute….

Makes me wish I had a teeny tiny baby noggin. =)

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Holiday food!! — The Airing of Grievances

‘Tis the season for gatherings, potlucks and parties full of people bringing prized holiday dishes to each other, hoping to bond over tastes and tales of the past. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas has always been one of my very favorite times of year. However, it’s also one of the most difficult.

Numero Uno: I’m allergic to cranberries & celery (and holly, and ALL kinds of evergreens, and pretty much everything people decide to decorate with around this time of year.) Cranberries might not seem that harrowing, but they sneak into EVERYTHING. And celery…. what could be more harmless that a plant that is primarily composed fiber and water? Oy. Everything. It closes my throat and [ warning ya: this is kinda icky] burns my taste buds off. And it’s a sneaky little monkey… celery (and/or celery salt) are in (almost) every kind of per-packaged soup, broth and sauce.

ImageAside from allergies, I don’t understand the odd compulsion for Americans to use canned substances in EVERYTHING. We preach against drug use and then pump our nation full of preservatives, colors and things that we can’t even pronounce. These are things that wreak havoc on our society’s health. Obesity problems and eating disorders, mood disorders, sicknesses and cancers… these are all things that could be dramatically reduced if we fed our bodies (and subsequently, minds) the things that they are actually meant to run on. Not to mention the fact that people who tout 3-ingredient wonder recipes as “home-made” are totally missing the point. Sorry to burst your bubble Aunt Barb, but rice and canned soup casserole is DEFINITELY not “from scratch”.

Which brings me to my next point…

Numero Dos: A lot of people don’t know this (since it’s not exactly something I’m proud of or like about myself), but I developed an eating disorder shortly after high school. Looking back, I’ve guess I’ve always had disordered tendencies towards food, but the problem really reared it’s ugly head in a major way a few years ago. I’m healthy now, and even though my mind isn’t always 100% clear of illogical thoughts of this nature, I’ve got it under control and recognize when I’m not thinking rationally. However, sometimes well-meaning people who don’t see me on a daily basis and are privy to this facet of my personality assume that just because I’m not gorging myself on chocolate, gravy and cheese crackers, I’ve gone full-blown Ana again. However, I would go so far as to say that the people continuing to shove food in my face (and their own) after they have reached a comfortable level of full have obvious eating problems of their own that they should worry about instead of worrying about why I don’t have a mashed potato mountain and an entire turkey on my plate. Even on holidays when I indulge and eat more than I actually need to, I get snarky comments from these people about my weight. I’m a petite, healthy, active 21 year old female with a fast metabolism and a great BMI. I eat when I feel like I need to, not just because something seems appealing. This “I’m offended because you didn’t eat my caloric celery-tainted casserole” thing isn’t fair. And your comments about my body (and ANYONE’S body and food choices, actually) are uncalled for and rude. Thank goodness for my husband. He keeps me happy, healthy and deliciously full. =)

So enjoy your holidays! But please keep your eyes on your own plate, and your comments to yourself.

… unless, of course, you’re commenting on this post. 😉

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Update Part 2 — I’m a Clemmons!

October 30th…

We drove from LA to Utah in one day. Oy. We finally reached our destination at about 3:00 am on the 31st, but we made it.

Halloween — I spent the entire day straightening  up the house and getting ready for the flood of people who were about to come through it. Eizah and Simon took  Vivian (who INSISTS on being called “Vivver”) trick-or-treating. SO CUTE! =D She liked sitting on her pumpkin….

Geoph worked at MacCool’s that night. Of course. That place like owns him… well… owned. But I’ll get to that later. That’s where he ALWAYS is. When people ask when Geoph works, the answer is “yes.”

Anyway, while he worked, I finished the house and continued to try and get everything ready for the wedding.

Wednesday, my family and friends started pouring into town. It was so great to see everyone again!!! =D

On Thrusday, Melanie, Melissa and I went shopping for last minute goodies, I had my last meeting with Pat at Berglund Floral (if your in the area and in need of a florist, TOTALLY check her out! She’s AMAZING!) and then I had pizza with my family from Texas and my Dad (who had just gotten into town from Portland that morning).

Friday. Oh Friday. Geoph and I went and got our marriage license with Eizah and Melissa first thing in the morning, and then we headed over to Cafe Mergot. Everyone had been saying it was supposed to snow on our wedding day, but I refused to believe them. I was SO SET on having my wedding in the park as planned, until the morning of the 4th. I could tell that it really WAS going to snow and finally consented to holding the ceremony inside Cafe Mergot, where we had planned to have our reception. Mike and Richard (the owners and dear dear friends of ours) were SO amazingly helpful. I couldn’t have pulled off our wedding without them. They arranged a new place for the party to get ready and helped us set up for the entire ceremony. Pretty much all of the decorative planning I had done was thrown out the window, since we were moving everything, and they helped us make a BEAUTIFUL wedding inside.

The evening before the wedding, Geoph and I had our rehearsal dinner at MacCool’s Public House. We decided it would be best if we didn’t see each other at all between the dinner and the ceremony… so we said goodnight. I couldn’t sleep, so my awesome bridesmaid Melissa stayed awake with me until about 4 am.

Thennnn, ba-ba-da-da-da-da-DAAA! It was the fifth! WOW. The maids met up at my house at around 9 so that Eizah and her friend Lilly could start doing everyone’s hair. I realized at this point that I had COMPLETELY forgotten a guest book, so An went and got everything for it. My amazing girls sat on the floor of the kitchen and pieced together a scrap book for guests to sign, with plenty of room for us to add memories and photos later. 

We all headed over to 25th street to get ready at around 2, and Jillian (owner of JoyDuJour) came to do my makeup. My photographer was a no-show, o Jillian made some calls and our friend Ryan Bruckman ended up rushing in at the last minute and saved the day with his handy dandy camera of awesome!


November 5th was an insanely hectic day. Almost NOTHING went according to plan. But in the end, it was BEAUTIFUL, and I got to marry my best friend. =)

Oh, and our amazing friend Jenny got us into a beer tasting party across the street for FREE! =)

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Update part 1 – ZANE IS A MARINE! =D

Good gravy. I’m so sorry I haven’t exactly had time to pop on here and give updates lately… so here’s an update…

After October 11th, I had my bridal shower, Geoph and I started going to Indie Ogden’s weekly karaoke bash at The Sand Trap, we attended Witch Stock, and then I drove to San Diego with my family to watch Zane Graduate from boot camp.

I’m SO FREAKING PROUD! =D I cried… because I’m a baby…

The first day we were there was called “family day”.  We got to walk with Zane all day. He took us around the base and showed us all kinds of awesome things, including the museum and the history center.  At 6’oclock he had to go back and sleep in the barracks with his platoon for the last time. The next morning, we went and watched Zane become a Marine. Holy. Cow. It was beyond impressive…. everything from the band to the Sargents to the troops… it was all so precise… an hour after we sat in the bleachers, my brother was a Marine. =)

After we collected Zane’s bags,we drove to In-N-Out… ooooh In-N-Out… how I love you.  Even though they have In-N-Out in Utah, it truly isn’t the same.

After we were were all full of double doubles and shakes, we dropped my dad off at the air port (he met us in SD, but he lives in Oregon) , and the rest of us headed down to Six Flags for the first time since 2006. Zane has always wanted to ride “X”, but the line had always been hours long in the past. The ride has been modified from it’s original state to make it more “x-treme”, but the line was only about 25 minutes long. (I can’t help but wonder if the economy has something to do with this?) after checking off the first of many rides from Zane’s list, we headed to the front gate where we surprised him with some of our childhood friends, Robbie and Renesha. They came back to Utah with us the next day and attended *ba-ba-ba-baaaaa* the wedding of the CENTURY!!! WAAAH-waaah-waaaahhhh!

just kidding… but it WAS our wedding… and it was fantastic. =D

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